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Committed to Health


Board certified & Licensed Chiropractor.  Full body certified in Active Release Techniques. 

Dr Fredricks graduated from Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa while earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. During that time he was also an assistant coach for the women's volleyball program, an all American athlete in the men's volleyball program and the assistant coach for the men's national championship team in 1998. Because of the stubborn, chronic injuries he sustained while competing and training he decided to enroll at Cleveland Chiropractic College. He wanted to heal his own injuries and help others prevent or recover from their injuries. It was there that he pursued interest in anatomy, rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition.
Upon graduating he took a priceless internship working for Dr's Deed and Shirlene Harrison in Elko, Nevada. It was here that he earned basic and advanced certifications while getting real world hands on training in the structural rehabilitation of the spine and posture.

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Getting Better Together

Dr. Fredricks goal is to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible. He achieves this through proven hands-on techniques, one-on-one therapy, individualized rehabilitation programs and treatment plans designed for each patient. Dr. Fredricks has developed a reputation as the person to go to for treatment and rehabilitation after an injury. Get in touch to find out more and to book your first appointment.

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